April 20, 2019

This essay takes a look at the role of the Demon Queen of Spiders, Lolth, and the rival god-worshiping drow villains in the classic D&D "Drow" module series.

The book, Designers & Dragons – ’70 to ’79, details the history of role-playing game companies that were fo...

April 14, 2019

This article offers suggestions and tips for Dungeon Masters who are starting a new campaign for their gaming group.

Starting a new campaign can be a daunting task for a Dungeon Master. Here is my list of seven tips to help any DM effortlessly start their campaign and p...

April 10, 2019

This article takes an in-depth look at the attributes and resistances of undead in the 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game.

Undead rank among some of the most iconic monsters found in the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game. However, despite their prevalence in ma...

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