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DUNGEON DELVE Fantasy Game Adventures


DUNGEON DELVE adventures are specifically designed for the first edition of the original — and everyone’s favorite — fantasy role-playing game. They can easily be adapted to most fantasy role-playing games including the advanced 2nd edition game, the original game, the B/X or BECMI (“Basic”) games, most old-school renaissance (OSR) role-playing systems, and most other game systems. All DUNGEONEERS GUILD GAMES products are designed to evoke the look and feel of the classic D&D and AD&D modules of the early and mid-1980s.


All DUNGEON DELVES modules are available in print and eBook PDF versions. The print versions have the classic module format with stapled booklet, and features a removable cardstock cover. The maps are printed in classic dungeon blue on the inside cover for that genuine old school gaming feel. Creating adventures with quality production, artwork, and printing is the paramount goal of DUNGEONEERS GUILD GAMES.


DUNGEON DELVE modules contain little or no plot, and has no predetermined adventure hooks to get the players involved. This is by no means an oversight of design. Instead, it is an intentional feature that allows you — the Game Master — to make playing DUNGEON DELVE modules a unique experience, tailoring it to fit your own campaign with little difficulty. Minimal plots and nonspecific settings allow you to use these modules as stand-alone expeditions, or as adventures integrated into an preexisting campaign. Each adventure offers Game Masters clues and hints to serve as seeds you can use to fashion your own plot.

DD1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers

Black Tower Cover (front)_edited.jpg

DD2 Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm

Dragon Cover - Front high_edited.jpg

DD3 The Misty Halls of Kalávorka

Kalavorka Cover (half)_edited.jpg

DD4 Secret of the Silver Spire

Silver Spire Cover (lo).jpg

DDS1 The Sacred Temple of Ewadu

Erwadu Cover (med) (JPEG).jpg

DDSQ1 Shipwreck at Har's Point

Har's Point Cover (half size).jpg
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