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A lost vale located in a high mountain range is home to a clan of mysterious giants. Sages believe the giants have strange powers that no other of their kind possesses. Yet, no one has heard anything from these giants in decades. Do they still dwell in their misty fastness? Do they really possess these reputed powers, and if they do, what are they? Crafty giants, evil gnomes, and a weird guardian await any adventurers who go seeking the lost halls.

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DD3 The Misty Halls of Kalávorka Dungeoneer Guild Games 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon (AD&D) module
Mountain by Justin Youso (artist) Dungeoneer Guild Games 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon (AD&D) module
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About the Module

DD3 The Misty Halls of Kalávorka is a forty-page module of high adventure, exploration, and mystery with a minimal plot that allows it to fit easily into any campaign world. In this adventure for mid-level characters levels 5 to 7, the player characters will explore a mountain wilderness searching for the halls of the cloud giant, Thorogang. Legend has it that the giant and his clan possesses the ability of second sight and prophecy. Creatures of all races seeking knowledge of hidden mysteries flocked to their mountain fastness for guidance. However, no one has seen or heard from any of these giants in years.


The first section of the adventure details the remote mountain the giants’ hall is said to lie in. This includes a wildness map, wandering encounters, and ten numbered encounter areas. The second section details the halls of Kalávorka which consists of thirty numbered areas spread over four dungeon levels. The Game Master can easily place the dungeons of the misty halls in any fantasy role-playing game world they prefer.



The module contains fifteen original black and white illustrations by Bradley K. McDevitt, Jared Binder, Matthew Ray, Justin Youso, and Russ Nicholson (of the original Fiend Folio fame). Interior art pieces are done in the old school ink style.



  • For use with first-edition rules.

  • A 40-page saddle-stitched booklet printed in black-and-white.

  • A removable, two-panel cardstock cover printed in color.

  • Four dungeon level maps plus a wilderness map and player’s map printed on the inside cover. The latter two are done in classic dungeon blue.

  • 10 wilderness and 30 dungeon numbered encounters, adventure background for the DM, scenario hook suggestions, and a rumors table.

  • Three new monsters: the grindylow (or pale hag), fuath, and xylodwyln.

  • Three new magic items.

  • Six pre-generated characters.

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