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The black sorcerers have dwelled within their baleful tower for hundreds of years. Now something evil stirs in the town of Bal-Curz — strange happenings of malefic magics and persons disappearing in the night. The fearful townsfolk whisper that its source stems from the Black Tower. Possibly a few bold heroes could Investigate the tower to uncover its secrets and put an end to this unseen terror?

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DD1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers Dungeoneer Guild Games 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon (AD&D) module
Adventurers & Wizards by Ryan Jack Allred (artist) Dungeoneer Guild Games 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragon (AD&D) module
WEB SHRINE 7_edited.jpg
Wizards by Matthew Ray (artist)
DD1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers module

About the Module

DD1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers is an adventure for characters of intermediate levels 5 to 8. In this adventure, the player characters will explore a tower inhabited by a cabal of sorcerers. Set in a town, the Game Master can easily place this tower in an urban location in any fantasy role-playing game world they prefer. The adventurers will have to overcome the horrors of the wizards’ tower, which includes their terrible minions, cunning traps, and deadly spells.



All artwork are original works by Bradley K. McDevitt, Ryan Jack Allred, Matthew Ray, and Russ Nicholson (of Fiend Folio fame). Interior art pieces are done in the old school ink style.



  • For use with first-edition rules.

  • 24-page saddle-stitched booklet printed in black-and-white.

  • Removable cardstock cover printed in color.

  • A cut-away map of the tower, a map of the tower levels, and a dungeon map printed in classic dungeon blue in the inside cover.

  • 27 numbered encounters, adventure background for the Game Master, scenario hook suggestions, and a rumors table.

  • Four new monsters: the balweeg, corodaemon, lammikin, and werepanther.

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