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Rumors hint that below a barren crag in a forlorn range of hills lies the lair of the great dread wyrm, Felmurnuzza. This dragon has mercilessly tormented, terrorized, and plundered the nearby civilized lands for hundreds of years. However, no one has seen her for many decades. Nonetheless, these kingdoms continue to pay the fell serpent tribute out of fear. Many now say that she sleeps that sleep of death — her legendary fabulous hoard unprotected and ripe for the taking. Of course, if the rumors of her death are not true, a grim death surely awaits those that seek to discover her treasures.


DD2 Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm is a high-level role-playing module for characters levels 10 to 15. In this adventure, the adventurers will explore the deathtrap lair of an infamous red dragon to seek out her fabulous treasure hoard. Set in a wild, hilly region, the Game Master can easily place the dragon’s dungeons in any fantasy role-playing game world they prefer.

DD2 Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm eBook

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