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Rumors speak of a mysterious silver tower that shines like a polished mirror that has recently appeared out of thin air. Bizarre creatures believed to have emerged from the tower roam the land. The few learned sages that know of it suggest that the tower is really a dimension-hopping fortress. Possibly some adventurers could go to the tower to find out why it has come here?


DD4 Secret of the Silver Spire is a mid-level role-playing module for characters levels 3 to 7. In this adventure, the player characters explore an outlandish citadel inhabited by strange creatures, such as the barzani ape-men, modrons of many types, and three-faced golden sentinels. The enigmatic overlords are the "silver masters" — alien beings made of pure energy. The tower is a maze of rooms stuffed with strange equipment and curious items these creatures have collected from all over the multiverse.

DD4 Secret of the Silver Spire eBook

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