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Wise seers and sages believe the Caverns of Azek-Vhool hold a great and powerful treasure. They say that the Gate of the Gods — created at the dawn of time and hidden from the eyes of mortals for eons — lies within its deepest pit. Finding it is no simple matter as hordes of giants, ogres, and worse dwell within these benighted caves. The labyrinth only gives up its dark secrets and fabulous treasures to those bold and lucky enough to survive its terrors.


DDS2 Labyrinth of the Dweller is a 32-page role-playing module with a world-generic setting for characters levels 6 to 8. In this adventure, the player characters investigate the Caverns of Azek-Vhool in search of a long-forgotten treasure. Unfortunately, this cave system is also home to a clan of hill giants and their troglodyte allies. These monsters revere the demon they call the Dweller of the Pit, who lives in a labyrinth below the upper caves. This maze is home to hordes of terrible demons and more. Tenacious adventurers that survive these horrors might be able to locate the fable Gate of the Gods.


The module contains seventeen original black-and-white illustrations by Yuri Perkowski, Matthew Ray, Frank Scacalossi, and Del Teigeler. Frank Scacalossi created the front cover art featuring adventurers battling the horrible loathly worm. Del Teigeler drew the color artwork on the module’s rear.

DDS2 Labyrinth of the Dweller eBook

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