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Countless brave adventurers have delved into the strange caverns — a place feared by those who live near it. Few ever returned to speak of what they saw in those fathomless caves. Those who did survive told tales of weird manifestations, strange magics, and hostile monsters. All speak of rumors of a great treasure hoard hidden somewhere deep in the shadowy caves. Can your party of adventurers survive the dangers of these hell-black caverns and claim their fabled treasures?


DDS3 The Mystic Caverns of Enzirion is a 40-page role-playing module with a world-generic setting for characters levels 1 to 3. In this adventure, the player characters explore a system of caverns rumored to be home to many curious and dangerous creatures. Furthermore, the caverns and a nearby lake are known to be a locus for bizarre phenomenons, such as weird sounds, strange visions, and curiously behaving weather. The adventure consists of an inhabited village, a wilderness area, and four dungeon levels for the characters to explore.

The module contains sixteen original black-and-white illustrations by Mustafa Bekir, Mark Lyons, and Del Teigeler. Shams Nelson created the front cover art featuring a harpy attacking adventurers. Del Teigeler drew the color artwork on the module’s rear.

DDS3 The Mystic Caverns of Enzirion eBook

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