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Save 35% off the list price when you purchase eight DUNGEON DELVE digital eBooks bundled together. 


Using the 1st edition rules, each book is packed with adventure and excitement for players of all levels. With detailed maps, intriguing storylines, and colorful characters, this bundle is a must-have for any fantasy RPG enthusiast. Embark on a journey through different realms and explore the depths of the dungeon with this comprehensive bundle. The books are brand new and ready for you to dive into the world of DUNGEON DELVES. Add this bundle to your collection today and let the adventure begin!


This bundle includes the following eBooks:


  • DUNGEON DELVE #1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers. For characters levels 5-8.
  • DUNGEON DELVE #2 Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm. For characters levels 10-15.
  • DUNGEON DELVE #3 The Misty Halls of Kalávorka. For characters levels 5-7.
  • DUNGEON DELVE #4 Secret of the Silver Spire. For characters levels 3-7.
  • DUNGEON DELVE #5 Mystery of the Wood of Dark Boughs. For characters levels 2-4.
  • DUNGEON DELVE SPECIAL #1 The Sacred Temple of Erwadu. For characters levels 7-10.
  • DUNGEON DELVE SPECIAL #2 Labyrinth of the Dweller. For characters levels 6-8.
  • DUNGEON DELVE SIDE QUEST #1 Shipwreck at Har’s Point. For characters levels 1-3.

DUNGEON DELVE Digital Bundle (8 modules)

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