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The SIDE QUEST modules are short adventures that can be played in a single night, either as a standalone quest or part of a larger campaign arc.


Nothing much usually happens in the sleepy fishing hamlet of Har’s Point. Recently, however, a ship has crashed on the rocks outside of town. Now rumors concerning treasure it supposedly carried are running rife amongst the fisherfolk. Some of these rumors hint that dead sailors from the ship are now walking the nearby beaches at night. Even more concerning, a mysterious stranger has been spotted around town. A few inquisitive adventurers might be able to discover what exactly is going on in Har’s Point.


DDSQ1 Shipwreck at Har’s Point is a twelve-page role-playing module with a world-generic setting for characters levels 1 to 3. In this adventure, the players uncover the mystery of strange happenings near a small coastal village. The lure of treasure on a wrecked ship turns into something much more ominous that leads to a confrontation with the dreaded devils of the sea.


Cover art by Matthew Ray; interior illustrations by Matthew Ray and Bradley K. McDevitt.

DDSQ1 Shipwreck at Har's Point eBook

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