Farmers in the sleepy, bucolic hamlet of Alfandi, awoke one morning a few weeks ago to discover their crops ruined and their livestock killed by some unknown blight. Word of this misfortune quickly spread throughout the community. The farmers met with the hamlet leaders to uncover its cause, though little talk was needed: all were certain it was the work of black magic. 


DD5 Mystery of the Wood of Dark Boughs is a 36-page module for characters levels 2 to 4. A strange blight has descended on the land turning crops and plant life into ash. Now the village of Alfandi accuses its neighbors of using black magic to destroy their crops. The villagers intend to execute eight men accused of causing this blight in a few days’ time. The families of the men
implore the adventurers to intervene and search for proof of their innocence
before it is too late. The adventurers who investigate will discover a confusing magic forest and a fetid swamp, home to loathsome frogmen.



Stefan Poag created the excellent cover art featuring featuring a troll, giant weasel, and siren. The module contains fifteen original black-and-white illustrations by Johnathan Bingham, Mark Lyons, and Stefan Poag.



  • A 36-page saddle-stitched booklet printed in black-and-white.

  • A removable, two-panel cardstock cover printed in color.

  • Maps detailing forest and swamp environments, siren lair and bullywug den.

  • Extensive encounter areas and adventure background for the GM.

  • New monster: pukys.

  • Two new magic items.

Dark Boughs Cover (lo).jpg

Stefan Poag's cover art depicting some adventurers receiving a hostile reception .

Owlbear Attack (JPEG).png

Mark Lyons's illustration of an attack by a pair of owlbears.

Black Dragons (JPEG).jpg
Brand (JPEG).jpg

Johnathan Bingham's illustration of the thief, Brand.

A pair of black dragons by Stefan Poag.