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Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm consists of thirty-two pages of deadly adventure, exploration, and mystery with a minimal plot that allows it to fit easily into any campaign world. The genesis of this adventure was the desire to create a dragon adversary that would be challenging and memorable for my gaming group. The dragon featured in this module, and the deathtrap dungeon it created, will test the skills of even the toughest high-level characters to their maximum. The dungeons of the wyrm consist of a maze filled with terrible creatures, wards, and traps designed to thwart bands of adventurers from plundering its immense hoard of treasure.


This adventure was originally created for an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons tournament game that I host every summer. Two separate groups competed over two days to win bragging rights as the best players. It was a lot of fun for all involved, although many of the players were at times convinced that their group was doomed. In the end, one of the two groups succeeded in completing the adventure to its ultimate end.



Rumors hint that below a barren crag in a forlorn range of hills lies the lair of the great dread wyrm, Felmurnuzza. This dragon has mercilessly tormented, terrorized, and plundered the nearby civilized lands for hundreds of years. However, no one has seen her for many decades. Nonetheless, these kingdoms continue to pay the fell serpent tribute out of fear. Many now say that she sleeps that sleep of death — her legendary fabulous hoard unprotected and ripe for the taking. Of course, if the rumors of her death are not true, a grim death surely awaits those that seek to discover her treasures.


Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm is a high-level adventure for characters levels 10 to 15. In this adventure, the adventurers will explore the deathtrap lair of an infamous red dragon to seek out her fabulous treasure hoard. Set in a wild, hilly region, the GM can easily place the dragon’s dungeons in any fantasy role-playing game world they prefer.



All artwork are original works by Bradley K. McDevitt, Ryan Jack Allred, Chet Minton, Matthew Ray, and Russ Nicholson (of the original Fiend Folio fame). Interior art pieces are done in the old school ink style.



  • A 32-page saddle-stitched booklet printed in black-and-white.

  • A removable, three-panel cardstock cover printed in color.

  • Three dungeon level maps printed in classic dungeon blue in the inside cover.

  • 42 numbered encounters, adventure background for the DM, scenario hook suggestions, and a rumors table.

  • Four new monsters: infernal dragon, dragonaut, skeletal dragon, and Dzeluul (Elemental Prince of Molten Fires).

  • Six new magic items.

Dragon Cover - Front high_edited.jpg

Bradley K. McDevitt created the amazing cover art that depicts a band of brave (foolish?) adventurers being blasted by dragon fire.

Click here to download a 4-page preview of the module.

Dragon - highrez.jpg

Ryan Jack Allred's depiction of an undead dragon.

DEMON HAND - lo.jpg

Russ Nicholson's depiction of adventurers at the Silver Portal getting a handful of trouble.

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