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DD1 Tower of the Black Sorcerers

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DD2 Dungeons of the Dread Wyrm

Two New DUNGEON DELVE Modules Coming Soon!

Dungeoneers Guild Games next Kickstarter campaign to fund DUNGEON DELVE adventure begins March 2021. This Kickstarter will fund two full-length modules for use with the 1st edition game.

DD4 Secret of the Silver Spire

In this fourth DUNGEON DELVE module the players explore the weird Silver Spire. This dimension-shifting tower is a living organism and home to the enigmatic Silver Masters and their ape-men and modron minions. Players have the opportunity to rummage through storeroom with junk collected from all over the multiverse and meddle with strange machinery. Cover art is by Russ Nicholson. Interior art is by Ryan Jack Allred, Jonathan Bingham, Laubenstein, Bradley K. McDevitt, and Stefan Poag.


DDS1 The Sacred Temple of Erwadu

This adventure is a classic dungeon crawl through a Sumerian ziggurat. This module has the option two be played on of two way: a “living dungeon” where the players use Sumerian-inspired characters on a mission in the temple; or the “lost dungeon” where the players encounter the ruins of the temple and explore it. This adventure is filled with devious traps (…lots of them), swarms of flies and scorpions, lammasu, shedu, a talking mace, and much more. Cover art is by Jeff Dee. Interior art by Jonathan Bingham, Darlene, Earl Geier, Laubenstein, Mark Lyons, and Frank Scacalossi.



Two New Modules Now Available

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Dungeoneers Guild Games is back with two new exciting adventures for your game: DD #3: The Misty Halls of Kalávorka and DDSQ #1: Shipwreck at Har's Point. This is old-school fantasy gaming at its finest. Monsters, treasure, and exploration at your fingertips. Written using rules for the first edition of everyone's favorite and oldest fantasy RPG. Deadly monsters, devious traps, and high adventures awaits you. 

Both modules feature all original artwork and have maps printed on the inside cover in classic dungeon blue. All Dungeoneers Guild Games modules are available in printed book and eBook format. Get your copy today.

Kalavorka Cover (half)_edited.jpg

DD3 The Misty Halls of Kalávorka

Har's Point Cover (half size).jpg

DDSQ1 Shipwreck at Har's Point

Appendix N Connection: The Origin of Shadows in the

D&D Game (Blog)


An in-depth look at the origins of the shadow and the influence of A. Merritt's novel, Creep, Shadow, Creep!, in Dungeons & Dragons.


Most classic undead monsters featured in the Dungeons & Dragons game originate from the realms of…




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